James Miller - Metier & Artemis

Metier Management Systems

The four of us, Richard Evans, Robin Lodge, Roy Brown and myself started Metier Management Systems in 1975 to develop a new Project Management Program called Apollo.

I was the poor bastard who had the difficult job of creating a large program to do PERT calculations, database manipulation and extensive reporting all on a Hewlett-Packard process control machine with only 32 Kb of memory and a 10 Mb hard disc! It was not easy!

Did we create one of the World's first Personal Computers? Apollo had a processor, a VDU, a hard disc and a printer all in a rather tasteful desk!

The first deliveries of Apollo took place in the summer of 1975. Little did we know that from these small beginnings, that we would create a company that would sell world-wide and become the world's leading Project Management software company.

I have created a simple FAQ on Artemis, so if you have any questions, send me an E-Mail.


When we started in the United States, we changed the product name to Artemis, to avoid confusion with every other company in Houston. Only later did we realise that Apollo and Artemis were brother and sister, both born on the island of Delos. And Delos Computer Services had been the company that had been the parent of TSL.

I recently checked and found there is no Artemis group on Yahoo! So I created one!

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The Sale to Lockheed

The original partners sold Metier to Lockheed, the aerospace company, in 1985. It has since been sold four times since, now being owned by a company in Finland!