James Miller - Short Biography


I was born and brought up at Cockfosters in North London, just after the Second World War. Despite a conventional education at the very good Michenden Grammar School in Southgate, I probably learnt much more in my father's printing works in Wood Green. (Few woods and certainly not green!)

Later I went to Liverpool University and emerged with a degree in Control Engineering, some knowledge of computers and computing, a wife and a job at ICI. I also acquired that Liverpudlian belief, that if you want to do something, then very little is impossible, given enough imagination and hard work.


I became an independent software developer in London in 1972, specialising in software for large and complicated calculations in business and engineering. Two successful products were developed, Speed, a simulation program and Pert7, a PERT program. The latter was commissioned by Time Sharing Ltd.

The experience of Pert7 led directly in 1975 to Metier Management Systems and the development of Artemis, arguably the world's most successful Project Management System.

Post Metier, Daisy and Visualisation

For several years after leaving Metier, I was restricted as to my activities in the computer industry and it is only in the last few years, that I have been bringing new products to the marketplace.

Daisy is an interactive database analysis and mining program, that can almost be considered an amalgam of all of the knowledge and experience gained over thirty years. Other developments in this area are constantly being developed.

A proportion of my work these days is visualisation of databases on the Internet or on a company's Intranet. Typically, a database will be turned into a related set of pages that can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

I also develop tools to help people use the Internet. Various special browsers, page pullers, web site spiders and backup programs have been developed and are marketed as the Daisy Web Tools.

Asthma Drug Delivery

An interesting sideline to what I do is the Respimat inhaler for drugs for such things as asthma. I funded this device and hopefully this very environmentally-friendly device will see full production with Boehringer-Ingelheim.

Full Circle

As I write now in 2005, life seems to have come full circle.

Just as I used to design posters and letterheads in my father's printing works, increasingly I seem to be designed, writing and marketing web sites. It is surprising how similar the techniques are!

I have also written a book of my experiences on the Internet called Making the Most of the Internet.