Making the Most of the Internet - Opening Blogger

Opening Blogger
      'Or How To Open a Blog Created by Someone Else'

Blogger, and all the other blogging programs for that matter, can be quite confusing to start.

Blogger Initial Screen - Click for Large

To login to Blogger you do this in the top right of this initial screen.

Blogger Login - Click for Large

Here I'm using a user name of and an appropriate password. To login you click the Sign In button.

Note too that I've checked the box, so that Blogger will keep me in until I log out.

Blogger Dashboard - Click for Large

You should get a screen similar to this to show that you have logged in correctly.

Note that the single blog in this dashboard is Herbert the Gerbil and the various command words around it are used to view, update and format the blog :-

  • View Blog - Opens the blog and allows you to view it.
  • New Post - Adds a new post to the blog.
  • Posts - Posts are managed edited and deleted.
  • Settings - The various settings are changed.
  • Layout or Template - The layout is defined or the template is changed.

Depending on what sort of layout you are using, Layout or Template will be shown.