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Efficient Use of E-Mail

E-mail is becoming increasingly important in our business and personal lives.

But do we use it as efficiently and effectively as we can?

This course has been designed to improve that use as much as possible by introducing techniques and methods, that will make life easier :-

  • Definitions and language of the Internet
  • An overview on to recognise spam, phishing and other threats
  • Management of e-mail systems
  • E-mail etiquette - A letter without the paper
  • E-mail security, viruses, spyware and spam
  • Archiving of e-mails
  • Efficient use of domain names and e-mail addresses
  • E-mail techniques - Attachments, links, signatures, sending to multiple recipients, read receipts etc.
  • Efficient use of Outlook 2003 - Spam, methods of working etc.
  • E-mail servers - ISP or in-house?
  • WebMail - E-mail on the move without hardware
  • Handling feedback and complaints
  • Text messages and e-mail

All techniques used have been chosen because they are simple, practical, and give the highest benefits for the smallest effort or change in working practice.

Intended benefits include :-

  • Removal of any doubt and possible fears about using e-mail
  • Improved efficiency of communication by e-mail, phone and text message
  • Better security with respect to spam, viruses, spyware and archiving

Course literature includes :-

But above all, the course is designed to enable you, your company or organisation, deal efficiently with your workload and improve the service to your customers and clients.

Note that it is assumed that attendees have a basic knowledge of the Internet and can send and receive e-mails.

Course duration - 2 hours - 2 CPD Points

Typical Cost - one-to-one - 120 - 2-5 attendees - 60 per person - 6-10 - 350 - >10 on application

James Miller
1st July 2006

Daisy Analysis Ltd., East Green Farm, Great Bradley, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9LU - 01440-783790