Making the Most of the Internet - SEO

Search Engine Optimisation
      'Or How To Climb The Greasiest Pole'

You have just paid a lot of money to create a web site and now you are told that you must spend more money in getting that web site to a high position in the search engines.

I have heard not inconsiderable four and almost five figure sums being mentioned as the best and only way to do this. In my view, there is a much better and eminently more affordable way, based on sound common sense, analysis, making sure you do all the right things and above all adding the right words to the web site.

This is the way that I prefer to use with clients, as it usually requires just a day or so of consultancy and a little bit of thought and work on your part, rather than steadily growing payments that remind me of those paid to feed a nasty and addictive habit.

Typically I or one of my associates do the following for clients :-

  • Serious Analysis - We start by looking at how the site has been written, how it is perceived by the search engines, where and how it is found in Google, Yahoo and other searches and lastly what pages are viewed and how many times they are accessed.

  • Search Engine Submission - Often we find that a site needs to be resubmitted to the search engines. This is a very simple process that usually takes only a few minutes.

  • Headings and Tags - We make sure that these are adjusted to help your site get to the top of the listings.

  • News Pages or Blogs - Web sites need a news page that changes regularly. The more you feed the search engines with new and updated material, the more they know your web site is vibrant, active and worthwhile. Conversely, if your site doesn't change at all, they believe it is dead.

    We prefer to use one of the blogging programs such as WordPress, Blogger or one of many others to add a fully indexed and archived news system that can be read by the search engines. We format the pages so that they look exactly like your site and are fully integrated. You then add topics perhaps once or twice a week, using a simple on-line process, much akin to sending an e-mail.

  • Embedded Videos - We also recommend the addition of simple video clips using something like YouTube. Note that YouTube is now part of Google and will influence search engine position in the future.

  • Adverts - We only use adverts like Google-Ads very sparingly.

So does all of this work?

Look at the Google search for James Miller; a very common and unremarkable pair of names. I am in the top section, a position I put down to detail and to the extensive blog in the web site, and not to any monies paid to third parties.

We can do the same for your web site for an affordable one-off fee.

James Miller
1st January 2006

Daisy Analysis Ltd., East Green Farm, Great Bradley, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9LU - 01440-783790