Making the Most of the Internet - Writing

Writing a book with lulu is not difficult, if you just follow a set of simple rules.

1. Register with Lulu

This is fairly simple in that all you need to supply is a user name, an e-mail address and a password. It's as simple as that.

2. Choose Your Size and Format

This can be done now or after you have written the first document.

Lulu has a series of Word document templates for every size they support. It is probably a good idea to use this as the start point of your book. But don't worry as it is a very simple method of moving content from an existing document into the desired template.

3. Writing the Book

This is the difficult part and it is recommended that you do this as a simple Word document. Just type the words in a simple format as a draft to start with, using page breaks to delimit the various sections.

4. Format the Book for Lulu

You must get your book into an acceptable format for lulu.

If you started with one of their templates, you are there already. If on the other hand you are starting from a unacceptable format, you will have to either copy the content to a lulu template or adjust the size of your Word document to that required.

5. Start a New Project

To actually create the book, click the Start a New Project button on lulu and just follow the instructions.

If you are careful and follow the instructions, you will find it reasonably easy.

6. Adding a Cover

There are a large selection of covers. Initially use one of these, but as you progress, you can also use a program like PowerPoint to create your own.

7. Finishing Off

Lulu has lots of forums and help. Use these to get the book in the format you want.