James Miller - Daisy Analysers

A series of special-purpose analysiers are now being developed to work with Daisy :-

They all have a common structure based on Daisy 4D. They load a database into a simple grid, which can then be viewed, sorted, published, printed and mined in many different ways. From this information a Daisy Chart can be drawn from a built-in copy of Daisy.

Other Daisy Analysers are under development :-

  • A UK Post Code Analyser, which will check UK Post Codes and fully vaildate names and addresses. This will be a cut-down version of Daisy 4D.

  • A Deep Search program, which will apply the technology of the News Analyser to searching the Internet using Google.

A special-purpose analyser for supplier fraud has been developed and delivered to BDO Stoy Hayward.