James Miller - Web Sites

Over the last few years, things have turned full circle and now I find myself using the techniques I learnt in my father's printing works and applying all of his good sense and layout to the problems of web sites and their integration into a company, organisation or your life.

Remember that your web site is your face to the world :-

  • A web site must be understandable, friendly, provide the correct information and give the customers what they want and need.

    It also should not have an attitude that is marketly different that the one you wish to promote! Usually your company wants to be simple and uncomplicated. Can you say that about your web site?

  • It must meet the profile and expectations of your average customer.

    For instance, if you are a financial or legal organisation and are dealing with the problems of those who are worried about their future and perhaps not as familiar with the Internet as you, then use simple language and navigation rules. Don't frighten them away!

  • A possible customer or client should be able to tell when they visit the site, if you are the sort of company or organisation they wish to deal with.

    A lot depends on what you are offering. But remember the aim is to prime the potential customer, so that when they contact you by phone or e-mail, they are well-prepared about you or your comapny and completing the relationship is a simple quick conversation.

  • A good web site should keep your existing customers happy by answering all of their common questions and delivering other information and queries to you quickly and directly.

    All common queries should be answered on the site, full documentation for your products should be provided and also an extensive feedback section should be easily found. You may also wish to provide forums so that your customers can share experiences.

  • Your web site is also your means for clients to enter the information needed for such things as financial and legal products and services.

    How many solicitors collect information for wills and conveyancing through a form on a web site?

So think long and hard about what you want to achieve with your web site.

It may be that all you need is a simple one page web presence, which has a picture of you or your products, a simple statement about what you do and basic contact information.

I will never sell you more than you need and I will always integrate it into your business, so that it improves your efficiency and saves you money.