James Miller - Travel - Italy

In 2001 Celia and I went to Italy twice and I went a further time to see Ipswich play in the San Siro.

Since then we've been several times.

We really do like Italy and especially as EasyJet and the other budget airlines cover most of the country from Stansted it is very easy for us.

So I suspect we'll be off again soon.

A few notes on a few places :-

  • Bologna - Not on the tourist list, but the second largest mediaeval centre in Europe!

  • Florence - Just as the guides say. Stay in the Regency.

  • Milan - A real city and not just for the duomo, the Last Supper and the football.   View pictures!

  • Naples - Amazing chaos. Don't try and drive!

  • Rome - Don't stay in the Hassler as it's too noisy. Otherwise a wonderful place.

  • Taranto - Go and see the scene for the dress rehersal for Peral Harbor.

  • Todi - Best small town we've found in Italy. Beautiful centre.

  • Venice - Nothing can be said that does justice!   View pictures!

  • Verona - A town always worth visiting with a wonderful coliseum and the legend of Romeo and Juliet.   View pictures!