James Miller - Family - Lucy, Mary and Rosein

When I wrote this in 1997, we had two basset hounds, Lucy and Mary, whilst our other dog Rosein was a Red and White Irish setter, who earlier in the year had ten puppies. Amanda, our daughter-in-law, was holding one on the previous page.

Starting from the left and moving up the stairs, our three dogs are shown.

The young basset is Mary, who was only a few months old in the picture. She is resting on Rosein's back.

The older basset on the middle stair is Lucy, who was eight then. She always liked to think she was a lot older, although she is still very fit and well. She has since died at the age of thirteen.

The other basset is Madeleine, who much preferred the solitary canine life with a judge friend of ours, her husband and daughter. Apparently, she gets fed properly on the sweet things in life and exercise is rather reduced.

Dogs on the Stairs