James Miller - Family - Pet Hates

These are our pet hates, although in some cases it is rather more than that!

Anti-Gun Lobby


Why does anybody want to stop someone's pleasure? - That probably says it all!


Bank Managers


Except David Quick!




Doesn't everybody?


Cherie Blair


Is there nothing that woman can't do?




Only Celia hates these!


Death Penalty


Should be reserved for itself!


George Bush


No comment!


The Independent


No newspaper should be that pious! However I do find I'm reading it more and more.


Gun Lobby


Why does anybody want to fire a gun?


Kate Moss


Why does she have to encourage all of those young kids to smoke from the front page of The Times?




And those who buy them - Especially, when after the rust has broken out like zits, they still think it's a good car!


Letherby and Christopher


I think they are the worst and most coeliac unfriendly caterers in the United Kingdom. Unless of course you know better.


Manchester United


Doesn't everybody?




Although their milk shakes are fine!




And especially retired ones - Would anyone in their right mind give one a permanent job?




And that includes those who flash their kilts - Especially, when they're not drunk!




Doesn't everybody? - It should be reserved for consenting adults in private only!




And especially those that keep them as pets - Particularly when they shake your house to pieces on a Sunday afternoon!


Fat People


Those who think it is attractive to be unfit and three stone overweight - Especially if they smoke!


Tony Blair


Is there nothing that man can't do? Or won't to make sure he gets elected again!




Why do they always look so thin and unhealthy?


William Hague


Enough said!